Grüezi mitenand!” (hello everyone) booms the lilting Swiss German voice from the corner as visitors tentatively poke their heads through the door of the tiny shop. Through the doors of the colourful shop front overflows a veritable smorgasbord of beautiful objects waiting for new owners. Frank Keller, better known as Grafseismo, is crouching at the back, strumming on a beautiful old banjo. \nGrafseismo’s vintage store is a wonderful introduction to the Swiss city that sits on the border of France and Germany. It represents what so many Baslers love about their city – a wonderful melting pot of people and cultures. Basel isn’t the typical Swiss city, and although it has the compulsory quaint cobblestone streets, a medieval old town centre and the pristine Rhine rushing through it’s heart, it is also home to a thriving artistic and alternative scene.