Gaby and Bob have been a couple for years, and decided to tie the knot before they leave South Africa for their adventures in Asia. A wedding in Grahamstown, Bob’s home town and the place where they studied together, was a very fitting setting for their nuptials.

With a close friend and Rhodes University lecturer Alan Kirkaldy presiding over the ceremony, paper flowers, homemade food, cupcakes from heaven made by Bob’s sister Catherine, and a close group of friends gathered around, Gaby and Bob’s wedding day was poignant and beautiful.

Nobody in the world can write about love like Pablo Neruda, and Bob’s reading of Neruda’s Sonnet XVII from Cien Sonetos de Amor was perfectly, unfeignedly romantic. Bob’s retro wedding suit - the suit that his father wore to his own wedding - was the proverbial icing on the (wedding) cake.