Beth and Walter arrived back in South Africa from London to celebrate their wedding in Cape Town. Beth’s uncle and aunt, Alex and Barry, drove a Bentley from their farm in the Eastern Cape all the way down to Cape Town for the occasion, and the day was a the perfect celebration. The reception was held at Beth’s family home, a beautiful property in Constantia.

Her mother, Jane, had been preparing her garden for the occasion since the announcement, and it was truly spectacular. No detail was missed out - from wines and single malt whiskies carefully selected by Walter, to centre-piece flowers grown by the mother of the groom, and delicate flower-girls' coronets carefully created by Beth’s aunt.

Beth was the absolute epitome of graceful beauty in her dress, Walter couldn’t wipe the smile from his face, and the 150 guests danced the night away in Jane’s magnificent garden, magically lit up and twinkling with fairy lights.